Basalt Continuous Fiber technology and equipment  - Organization CBF production

Organization of Basalt continuous fibers (CBF) & CBF materials industrial production

The present information is devoted to questions of the organization of industrial production of continuous basalt fibers and materials on their basis.

 By the given plan it is offered to design modern manufacture for producing primary CBF materials, including CBF roving, chopped fiber, yarn. In perspective we can make some materials from CBF, it is grids, mats, fabrics, composite materials & products.

The modern process equipment and a modular principle of design of TE BCF 1000-1500 technological line is offered for organization of CBF (roving, chopped fiber, yarn) industrial production.

Necessary conditions for organization of continuous basalt fibers& CBF materials production:

  • Presence of engineering communications: natural gas or LPG, the electric power, water;
  • Industrial, storage and other subsidiary premises;  
  • Presence basalt career (with basalt suitable for CBF manufacturing) in nearby district is desirable.

Requirements to industrial premises and engineering communications

Company will give detailed requirements to industrial premises and engineering communications for accommodation of CBF&CBF materials manufacture in addition during negotiations.

Your can use already available industrial premises for accommodation of technological line.

  Пример помещения  с кран-балкой Пример помещения для размещения технологической линии

Industrial premises for TE BCF 1000-1500 Technological line accommodation

Premises should have following engineering communications:

  • As the energy carrier natural gas (NG), liquid petroleum gas (LPG), or coke gas is using
  • Also electric power (220/380V, 50 Hz) and circulation technical water (in grader).
Пример помещения пригодного для переработки НБВ   Линия производства матов из НБВ

As an example Industrial premises for CBF mats producing.

Industrial CBF production design on the basis of TE BCF 1000-1500 technological line, the line with 17 units (bushings) has a capacity of 1,000 tons a year, the line with 25 units – 1500 tons a year.


First stage:

  • Manufacturing, installation and launching of BCF-1;
  • Selection of basalt raw material;
  • Producing of pilot batch of CBF.

Period of completion is 3-4 months.

After launching the first BCF-1 installation the final selection of basalt breed is to be made, and technological modes of BCF production are to be worked out. Technicians and operators are trained on BCF-1 installation as well. At the same time BCF-1 installation allows to begin CBF production. Thus, after 3~4 months small volumes of CBF can be produced, this time can be used as a preparatory period for marketing. Simultaneously with launch of BCF-1, the company begins spade-works for technological lines installation, design works, construction works, infrastructure works, etc.

Second stage:

  • Providing initial data for CBF manufacturing workshops & factories design capacity of 1,000 (1,500) tons a year.
  • Author's support and participation in designing and organization of manufacturing process.
  • Production & delivery of equipment, installation and launching of the first part of factory with capacity of 500 (750) tons a year.
  • Producing of industrial batch of CBF.

Period of completion is 6 months.

The second phase includes delivery & installation of TE BCF 1000-1500 industrial technological line. Technological modules are installed step by step – this approach allows starting production immediately after the module’s installation. Thus, production process is going on during construction of technological line, and when the third phase is finished, technological line starts to work with total designed output of 1000 - 1500 tons of CBF per annual.

Third stage:

  • Production of equipment, installation and launching of the second part of the plant with capacity of 500 (750) tons/year.

Period of completion is 4-5 months.

 Experts of the company have wide experience in developing, manufacturing, installation and start-up of equipment for manufacturing of CBF and materials. BFCMTD can provide all range of services in CBF production, beginning from technological consultations, and finishing with building the whole projects. BFCMTD provides a new manufacturer with legal protection, based on it’s technological & equipment engineering patents.

 Integrated solutions

BFCMTD’s work model implies providing customer with full means for total cycle production, beginning with getting basalt, which is a raw material, and ending with finished products - CBF materials. This kind of total cycle production model is highly effective & profitable: the minimum investment return period is 1.5~2 years. CBF production is based on application of technological lines TE BCF 1000-1500 with productivity 1000-1500 tons a year. TE CBF 1000-1500 lines are the base of CBF production plants with production capacities 3 000 / 5 000 / 10 000 / 15 000 tons a year

  CBF & CBF materials production facilities have modular design, which allows quick and effective production organization.

BFCMTD offers technological processing equipment for basalt fiber materials manufacturing, including machines, installations, and technological lines for fabrics, nets, mats, profile plastics, armature, composite materials and basalt fiber products manufacturing. Under the special request CBF materials equipment & technological lines are provided. 


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