Basalt Continuous Fiber - materials production

Primary processing

Basalt fiber manufacture

Шпулярник для первичной нити   Машина для намотки бухт ровинга
Rewinding of primary string by machine  from bobbins  on basalt roving spool       

Chopped fiber production

It is made chopped basalt fiber by cut machines

Lisle thread ( yarn) manufacture

Lisle thread ( yarn)  is producing by twiner

Basalt fiber materials production - nets, fabrics and mats (felts)

Машины Malimo   Машины Malimo   Машины Malimo
Production of  fabrics on "Malimo" machines &looms


Composite materials & products production

Линия производства труб   Установка для производства баллонов   Линия пультрузии

Production big pipes, cylinders, and  tanks is making from Continuous Basalt Fibers     

Basalt Fiber materials technological equipment

List of technological equipment for production of Basalt Fiber materials

  • Installation  for lisle threads ( yarns) manufacture.
  • Various types looms are used for  production  of lisle threads fabrics.
  • Band looms .
  • Knitting- sew machine.
  • Machine for producing basalt roving fabrics.
  • Technological equipment for producing knitted fabrics and nets.
  • Technological equipment for manufacture of nets for road construction.
  • Technological equipment   for producing construction reinforcing nets .
  • Cut machines.
  • Technological lines  for producing chopped fiber mats.
  • Equipment for needle-punched mats manufacture.
  • Technological lines for producing paper & thin chopped fiber mats.
  • Technological lines for producing half-finished product of composites.
  • Technological line  for producing roll plastics.
  • Pultrusion technological lines  for producing rods, profile composites, basalt-plastic reinforcement,

    pipes  with diameter of 3-100mm.
  • Technological equipment for manufacture pipes  with diameter  more, than 100 mm
  • Technological equipment for producing LPG & compressed NG cylinders.
  • Technological equipment for production of fuel tanks.
  • Technological equipment for manufacture composites with spray up technology application.
Станок для производства сеток   Линия для производства матов из рубленного волокна

Loom for nets manufacture

  Technological line for producing mats (felts)

Upon request from customers the company delivers equipment & technological lines for CBF materials production.