Basalt Continuous Fibers (BCF) manufacturing

BFCMTD mastered production of TE BCF 1000-1500 technological line, which is developed on the basis of new BCFG& BCFGM series installations with the lowered consumption of energy carriers:

Technological line TE BCF 1000 - 1500 – for CBF industrial production;

Installation BCF-1G, industrial modular Installation BCF-2.

                                     Technological line TE BCF 1000 - 1500  

Technological line TE BCF 1000 - 1500 – the industrial technological line for CBF manufacture is designing on the basis of modular BCF installations.  Productivity of a line of 1000 tons in a year - at 17 units (bushings) and 1500 tons at 25 units.

BASIC CHARACTERISTICS OF Technological line TE BCF 1000 - 1500
Technical Data


Production line of TE BCF 1000


Production line of TE BCF 1500
1. Number of Module unites (bushing) pcs. 17 25
2. Bushing’s holes quantity, not less pcs. 200 200
3. Production capacity ton/year 1080 1500
4. A mode of behavior night-and-day.     day/year,  stop for repairing day/year 345-350 345-350
5. Consumption of gas m³/hour 120 160
6. Consumption of electric power         (220/380,50 Hz) not less kWt 270 - 280 350
7. Consumption of technical water (in grader) m³/hour 3.5 - 4.5 4.5 - 6.0
8. One basalt spool ’s of thread  weight kg 2.5–3.5 2.5–3.5
9. CBF production line overall dimension
- width; m 6.5 6.5
- length; m 26 40
- height with a recuperator m 7.5 7.5

* - in the table it is specified the minimal guaranteed parameters on productivity of a line which, in reality this capacity will be higher.

TE CBF 1000-1500 lines are the base of CBF production plants with production capacities 3 000 / 5 000 / 10 000 / 15 000 tons a year. 

Structure of the technological line TE BCF 1000-1500:

Installation BCF-1G is modular industrial gas-electric installation on one unit (bushing) and it’s main application is selection of basalt raw material, working though the operating modes, training of staff, production of CBF under organization of new manufacturing.

Installation BCF-2G is modular installation. It is used for CBF industrial production. Basic characteristics of BCF-2G module are presented in p. "Continuous basalt fiber Technology and equipment ".


First stage: manufacturing, installation and launching of BCF-1; selection of basalt raw material; operating time of pilot batch of CBF – 500 kg. Period of completion is 3-4 months.

• Second stage: designing of CBF factory with capacity of 1,000 (1500) tons a year. Production & delivery of equipment, installation and launching of the first part of factory with capacity of 500 (750) tons a year.        Period of completion is 6 months.

Third stage: production of equipment, installation and launching of the second part of the plant with capacity of 500(750) tons/year. Period of completion is 4-5 months.

Installation of CBF production line is done step-by-step; units are added one by one. That’s why there is no need to invest all the capital at once. CBF TE BCF 1000-1500 industrial technological line is a new word in technology of basalt processing, it makes production process easy. There is no need to build traditional plants for dear prices any more

Customers should prepare industrial premises and engineering communications for installation of a lineUpon request from customers the company delivers equipment & technological lines for CBF materials production. 


        Organization of CBF & CBF materials industrial production.

After launching the first BCF-1 installation the final selection of basalt breed is to be made, and technological modes of BCF production are to be worked out. Technicians and operators are trained on BCF-1 installation as well. At the same time BCF-1 installation allows to begin CBF production. Thus, after 3~4 months small volumes of CBF can be produced, this time can be used as a preparatory period for marketing. Simultaneously with launch of BCF-1, the company begins spade-works for technological lines installation, design works, construction works, infrastructure works, etc. The second phase includes delivery & installation of TE BCF 1000-1500 industrial technological line. Technological modules are installed step by step – this approach allows to start production immediately after the module’s installation. Thus, production process is going on during construction of technological line, and when the third phase is finished, technological line starts to work with total designed output of 1000 - 1500 tons of CBF per annual.

Technological Equipment for Basalt Super Thin Fibers (BSTF) and

Basalt scale (Bsc) production

BFCMTD offers:  

Installations of Manufacturing for basalt super thin fiber: Installations BCTB 20M.

Process equipment of a new generation - Installation BSTF 20, BSTF 40.

Equipments for producing of STBF materials.

 Installation of Manufacturing for Basalt Scales: BSk 20, BSk 60.

Installation of STBF production equipment is done steb-by-step: installation and launch of the first union, then the next, with an interval of 2~3 months. Client should prepare industrial premises and communications, including gas, electric power, compressed air, water, ventilation & smoke removal system (air lines, chimney).

 Equipment for Energy Saving Technologies

The equipment for application of energy saving technologies in the industry:

 recuperators, heat exchangers, systems of recirculation, systems and regulators for supply of gas and air, gas-jets, monitoring & control systems by technological processes.

The equipment is made, completed and delivered according to executed projects of reconstruction for operating furnaces and the thermal equipment, or with deliveries of new furnaces complete.