Offers BF&CM TD for investors

Proposals for investors

Basalt Fiber & Composite Materials Technology Development Company offers investors “Organization of Continuous Basalt Fiber & CBF materials production” project.

Idea of project  1st phase

Organization of industrial production of Continuous Basalt Fiber & primary materials, such as roving, chopped fiber, twisted thread.

Annual production output is 1,000~1,500 tones.

BFCMTD Company has already received many orders for roving & chopper fiber from many European and South-Eastern Asian countries.

Term of investment recoupment is 1.5~ 2 years.

2nd phase

Organization of production of materials on roving & chopped fiber base, including: fabrics, nets, chopped fiber materials, complex materials and so on. Materials are manufactured on the guaranteed orders from Chinese and overseas enterprises.

Annual production output is 1,000~1,500 tones/year.

Term of investment recoupment is 1 year.

3rd phase

Increase of Continuous Basalt Fiber & CBF materials production output.

Annual production output is 3,000~10,000 tones/year.

Term of investment recoupment is 1~ 1.5 years.

To secure successful implementation of these projects BFCMTD Company offers: 

•  Continuous Basalt Fiber & Superthin Continuous Basalt Fiber industrial production technologies.

•  Technological energy-saving equipment with reduced consumption of gas & electricity.

•  Huge experience & expertise gained during organization of industrial production in Ukraine and Russia (plants with annual output of 1,200 and 900 tones).

• Experience of organization of CBF production in China (two works - in Chengdu and in Shanghai);

• Technologies of CBF materials production, including fabrics of different types and for various purposes, nets, nets for road construction, complex materials (reinforcements, big & small pipes profiles, balloons, tanks, etc), complex parts for automobile industry, shipbuilding, air craft & rocket production.

• The guaranteed orders on hand for supplying CBF to clients in China and overseas.

Forms of production organization:

Delivery of technological equipment for CBF production) technological lines TE BCF1000, TE BCF 1500), installation and launching.

Industrial production of materials.

Training of staff.

Organization of distribution.

Production maintenance with copyrights for period of validity of patents for technologies & equipment.

Establishment of joint venture with BFCMTD Company.

JV should be established during the 1st phase.

The proposed stake of BFCMTD Company in JV is 10~15%.

Place of production should be chosen according to the following conditions:

• Low cost of energy;

• Low cost of labor. 

Proposals for the enterprises, which produce coke or use coke gas

There is an exudation of coke gas, which takes place during production of coke from coal (special coal for metallurgy). The caloric value of this coke gas burning is pretty low (4,000~4,500 kkal/m3).

Coke gas is cheap. Some enterprises use it for their own industrial purposes, but often it is just burnt.

In cooperation with Ukrainian research institutes the specialists of BFCMTD Company made a lot of scientific & technological works to make it possible to utilize coke gas with low caloric value. The special technologies were developed, which makes it possible to use coke gas for melting basalt rocks and manufacturing fibers, as well as other materials made of melted basalt. A plant for production of pipes and other materials made of melted basalt was established in Ukraine.

BFCMTD Company offers its now-how and scientific developments of Ukrainian scientists in technologies & equipment for basalt fiber production with utilization of coke gas.

Cost of basalt fiber production (CBF & Super thin CBF) with utilization of cheap coke gas is low. Therefore this kind of production is highly profitable.

Term of investment recoupment is 1.5 years.


Company provides all complex of works on the organization for CBF, STBF& Bscale manufacturing.

  • Delivery of the process equipment, installation and start-up of the equipment.
  • Control operating of starting production.
  • Training of technicians to work on the process equipment.
  • The complex organization of industrial production of basalt fibers and materials on their basis.
  • Author's support of industrial production for the period of patents’ action.
  • Patent security of manufacture at a level of inventions of technologies and the equipment.
  • Choice of basalt raw material from the local rocks.

   The company gives special attention to development of know-how in production of CBF. CBF is the material for the 21st century. The technology of production process is not hazardous for environment; it does not produce any emission or waste. Experts of the company have wide experience in developing, manufacturing, installation and start-up of equipment for manufacturing of CBF & STBF. Their portfolio includes projects in Ukraine, Russia and China. BF&CMTD offers projects with a very good economic performance. The comprehensive approach to manufacturing, installation & start-up of equipment & modular principle of technological lines construction make it possible to start manufacturing after 4 months, while production output reaches its designed capacity as early as in 9-10 months. Investment recoupment period for CBF & basalt fiber materials production plant is 1.5~2 years. Company can provide all range of services in BF production, beginning from technological consultations and finishing with constructing the whole projects. BF&CMTD provides a new manufacturer with legal protection, based on it’s technological & equipment engineering patents.