Basalt Fiber Materials

Конструкционные ткани из НБВ

Basalt Continuous Fiber (BCF) is a raw material for production of various types of materials & products.

 Basalt fibers are well compatible with other materials & fibers, and therefore they are good for production of complex materials.

 The special attention should be paid to the composite materials made of BCF with carbonic fiber, as well as to application of BF as a reinforcing material for concrete and asphalt concrete structures. CBF & carbonic fiber composite materials have outstanding features and, besides that, they are much cheaper than pure carbonic fiber materials. This makes it real to use them for wide range of applications.

 High durability of basalt fibers towards high temperatures, acids and especially alkalis is widely known (See BCF Information & Characteristics). This allows using basalt fibers in a very wide range of construction works, such as:

• Reinforcing material for concretes & asphalt concrete covering for roads, airport runways & taxiways.

• Corrosion & chemical durable reinforcement, which strength exceeds that of alloyed steel by far;

• Noncombustible & fire-resisting complex materials for nuclear and thermo electric power stations, oil processing & chemical plants, high buildings & important industrial structures fire walls for fire spreading prevention;

• Chemical durable & antiwear coating, composites;

• Filters for industrial & residential waste waters, filters for smoke & dust emissions of industrial enterprises (See article Filters);

• Material for car manufacturing (See article Application of basalt fiber in car manufacturing).

• See chapter Applications of BCF materials


Primary CBF materials are a raw material for production of various types of materials & products.

Primary CBF materials: roving, shopped strands, yarns.

Бобина ровинга   Крученая нить   Рубленое волокно
         1. CBF Roving                         2. CBF Yarn                    3.CBF Chopped fiber

Basalt Continuous Fibe - BCF materials

Materials which can be made from a CBF primary materials:

Roving fabrics;

Thin fabrics & tapes  are made from twist yarn;

Reinforcing nets for construction, reinforcing nets for road construction;  

Chopped fibers are used for production of chopped fibers mats, thin mats (basalt paper).  

Диагональная ткань из НБВ   Ткани и сетки из НБВ   Мат из НБВ
1. CBF construction fabric    2. CBF fabrics & nets                  3. CBF mat

BFN-5, BFN-10 reinforcing nets for construction, GBF-25W reinforcing nets for road construction and manufacturing of metal-cutting tools.

 Thin fabrics & tapes for manufacturing composite and electro insulation materials, high durability products, PCB for electronic industry are made from twist yarn.

 BMC chopped fiber mats are used for production of composite materials & products. 


Composites made of roving with application of pultrusion technique, including rods, reinforcing materials, profiles, and small pipes.

Базальтопластиковый пруток   Базальтопластиковая арматура   Базальтопластиковые трубы
Profile composites: rods, reinforcing materials, small pipes.

Composite materials made of roving & roving clothes with application of winding technique, including pipes with big diameter, high pressure balloons, transportation & storage tanks for chemical agents, fertilizers & pesticides.

 Composite materials & products made of the chopped CBF mats for automobile industry, shipbuilding, machinery construction, chemical industry.

Basalt super thin fibers (BSTF) materials

Ïåðâè÷íûé õîëñò èç ÁÑÒÂ

BSTF are layer staple fibers with diameter of 1~3 microns, mixed and fastened among themselves, the regular form of this product is felt (felt of basalt wool).  Many sound-proof& thermo-insulation materials are made from BSTF canvas (felt), including mats, needle canvas, cardboard, soft& hard slabs.


Advantages of BSTF:

1. It’s made only from basalts, not any other materials; 

2. It has good heat-insulation qualities; 

3. The material is absolutely nonflammable, it has high thermo durability.

    Temperature of long application is up to 700 C, temperature of short-term application is up to 1000 C;

4. High chemical durability towards water, salt solutions, alkali and acids;

5. High sound-proof characteristics and durability to vibration;

6. The material is made without application of glue or on the base of inorganic glue;

7. Under heating or open flame the material does not evolve any toxic substances;

8. The material has low hygroscopic quality, eight times below of that of fiber glasses;

9. High durability of operation even in damp conditions.

See   «Application of BSTF materials»

                                                  BSTF materials:

Образцы матов   Иглопробивной мат   Тонкий мат (бумага)
                 1.  Mats                                2. Needle canvas( felts)           3. Thin mats (paper)

Basalt scales (BSc) materials & covering

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Basalt scales (BSc) is a thin lamellar material with thickness 2~6 micron and area of a surface around 0.5~4.5 mm. Basalt scales owes it’s name to the scale of fish, because they have similar protective qualities. BSc is a unique material for production of protective, wear proof, anticorrosive & chemically proof coverings, reinforced composite materials, reinforced plastics, frictional materials (such as brake blocks & clutch plates). Wear resistance & chemical stability of lacquer coatings reinforced by BSc increases several times. Durability of reinforced by BSc plastics increases 2~3 times. Application of BSc together with inorganic couples (glues) allows creating nonflammable heat-resistant coverings with temperature of application of up to 700 C. Coverings with BSc are applied by spraying, it adds efficiency to equipment.


High-temperature Composite Materials

Горелочный камень из ВТКМ

High-temperature composites

The company has developed advanced technologies for high-temperature materials production, as well as production with application of the so called "cold" technologies. The core of these technologies lies in the idea of high-temperature materials production with application of "cold" technologies, without using traditional baking techniques. At the same time, the new high-temperature composite materials (HTCM) have new features:

• Low specific density – from 300 to 1200 kg/m3;

• High heat-insulation properties;

• Stable towards drastic temperature differences;

• Easy for forming and machine processing during creation of products with complex shape.

Field experience of high-temperature composite materials application, including the experience gained in China,

has shown their high characteristics & operational features, which make them good for fettle works & furnaces repair works, manufacturing gas & liquid-fuel jets stones, and, especially, for fettling bushing in basalt & glass fibers production.  

Развитие технологий энергосбережения, производство современных огнеупорных материалов и изделий настоятельно требуют применения высокотемпературных композиционных материалов (ВТКМ) нового поколения. Основой для производства ВТКМ являются высокотемпературные клеи, наполнители, армирующие материалы. ВТКМ создаются и производятся с заданными характеристиками, для конкретных областей применения : клеи для склейки керамики и производства композиционных и теплоизоляционных материалов; футеровочные материалы, материалы для кладки и ремонта печей, футеровки фильерных питателей; материалы для производства горелочных камней газовых горелок, LPG, жидкого топлива; изделия для нагревательных котлов и ряд других материалов и изделий.

Комплекс композиционных материалов серии ВТКМ-1, ВТКМ-2, ВТКМ-3, ВТКМ-4, ВТКМ-5 предназначен для выполнения футеровочных работ при кладке печей, термического оборудования, дымоходов, для выполнения комплексного ремонта изношенной футеровки камерных, туннельных, вращающихся, проходных и других типов печей и оборудования, склейки высокотемпературной керамики (керамики для сифонной разливки стали), для изготовления горелочных камней, в качестве связующего при производстве теплоизоляционных и огнеупорных материалов, а также имеет ряд других областей применения.

При удельной плотности 350 – 1200 kg/m3 ВТКМ сочетают в себе свойства огнеупорных и теплоизоляционных материалов.

Основными потребителями материалов серии ВТКМ являются:

  • промышленные предприятия машиностроения, металлургии, промышленности строительных материалов, химической, нефтехимической промышленности, энергетики и др.– эксплуатирующие нагревательные и термические печи, термическое оборудование, выполняющие их ремонт и реконструкцию;
  • предприятия – производители теплоизоляционных и огнеупорных материалов – использующие связующие серии ВТКМ при производстве теплоизоляционных и огнеупорных материалов;
  • предприятия – изготовители печей и термического оборудования;
  • предприятия, выполняющие работы по огнезащитным покрытиям конструкций зданий и сооружений (ответственных промышленных объектов – АЭС, химических и нефтехимических комбинатов и др.);
  • предприятия– производители тиглей для плавки цветных металлов, вспомогательного печного оборудования (защитные покрытия плавильных тиглей, элементов газовых горелок и др.