Basalt Continuous Fiber - Application

Classification & scopes of Basalt continuous fibers and materials

Table 1. Scopes of CBF & materials on their basis
Initial materials on CBF basis

    Made materials and products on    CBF basis


CBF Parameters of fiber:  d = 6 – 9  µm
Roving, complex  string for textile processing Thin fabrics, electro insulating fabrics, grids, knitted materials. Manufacture of electro insulating materials (payments, plastics), rolled plastics, facing and fire stable materials, wallpapers.  Electro technical, electronic industry, the chemical industry. Manufacture of plastics and building materials
CBF Parameters of fiber:  d = 10 – 15  µm
Roving, roving fabrics and grids, canvases, chopped fiber, needle-punched materials. Roving for manufacture of profile glass fibers-rod, structures, basalt plastic armatures, pipes and capacities. Reinforced roving fabrics for manufacture of glass fibers, facing plastics. The chopped fiber for reinforcing plastic, plastic figures. Geo textile materials - grids, fabrics for reinforcing road coverings, strengthening of embankments, earthen shaft and anti-erosive strengthening of soil. Needle-punched materials for thermal insulating and soundproofing products.

Electro technical, chemical industry Manufacture of plastics of various function and building materials. Power, mechanical engineering, motor industry, shipbuilding, other industries.

CBF Parameters of fiber:  d = 15 – 19  µm
Roving, canvases, chopped fiber. Manufacture of reinforcing grids. Roving fabrics for manufacture plastics. Chopped fibers for reinforcing plastic, concrete, solutions, covering in construction. Reinforcing materials for brake shoe, frictional disks. Geotextile materials - geogrids, fabrics for reinforcing road coverings, strengthening of embankments, earthen shaft and anti-erosive strengthening of soil. Iindustry of building materials. Mechanical engineering, motor industry, other industries. Industrial and road construction.
CBF Parameters of fiber:  d >19  µm
Chopped fiber Material for reinforcing concrete and asphalt concrete pavement. Industrial and road construction

Machinery construction

Composite materials, constructional materials, constructions suitable for environment with strong vibrations & alternating load, grids for reinforcement of cutting wheels, sound-proof materials, heat insulation of thermal equipment, filters for cleaning of waste gases from dust and industrial drains.

Motor-car construction

Used in a wide range of products for automotive industry: heat isolation material for manufacturing of automobile mufflers, panels, screens, plastics, reinforcing material for shoes & disks, constructional plastics, nonflammable composite materials, cords for automobile tire covers, chopped strand for reinforcing plastic, etc. Also used for production of fuel tanks,  LPG & compressed NG cylinders.

Anticorrosive, with great dispatch and wears proof coverings of the bottoms of cars. (See article Application of basalt fiber in car manufacturing ").

Seawater proof composite materials & products, heat & sound isolation for ship installations & equipment, heat-insulated plates for ship hulls & engine compartments, constructional materials. In construction of small ships – for construction of ship hulls & additional structures, as well as corrosion-proof, reinforced paint & varnish coverings of ship hulls & additional structures.

Carriage building

Composite constructional materials & products, heat & sound isolation, reinforcement of constructional plastics, nonflammable composite materials, electro-isolating materials, stable paint & varnish coverings.

  Aviation industry

Heat and sound isolation linen for motor & hull, constructional composite & high-temperature materials.       


Heat insulation of thermal equipment for steam boilers, turbines, heating mains; high-voltage

Atomic engineering

Nonflammable heat isolation & constructional materials, fire-prevention doors, cable corridors, radioactive protection materials.

Electronic industry

Reinforcing material for production of plates, electro-insulation materials, construction material for cases for electronic equipment.

Chemical industry

Production of chemically proof materials & products: pipes, tanks for aggressive liquids, acids, alkalis, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, poisonous substances. Chemically proof covering for tanks, pipelines, metal constructions, Ferro-concrete constructions. Filters for cleaning from dust & industrial drains, high-temperature filters.

Petrochemical industry

Chemically & wear proof coverings of tanks, pipelines, oil pipelines; nonflammable coverings & composite materials; fire-proof composite materials; oil pipes.              

 Metallurgy  Thermo-insulation materials for thermal equipment, furnaces, recuperators, pipelines, communications; filters made from CBF for filtration of metals melt during molding; filters for clearing of waste gases from dust at ore-mining & processing plants; filters for sewage treatment.

Cryogenic technologies & equipment

Thermo-insulation materials for production of squeezed gases liquid oxygen, nitrogen, etc.

Building materials

Building constructional and facing plastics; reinforcing plaster grids; warmed panels for construction of prefabricated houses, floors, dropped ceilings, fireproof walls, fire-resistant doors, building plastics.

Basalt-plastic reinforcement for bridges, tunnels, railway sleepers, metro, construction materials. Reinforcement for asphalt-concrete coverings of roads, runways of airports. Waterproof rolled and sheet materials, roofing materials. Hydraulic engineering construction, including reinforcing materials for construction of dams, irrigation materials. Fire-proof materials used in construction of high buildings and in the main industrial construction projects.                

  Port constructions, sea platforms

Reinforcing and constructional materials made from basalt-plastics; paint & varnish proof coverings of bridges & tunnels; main construction projects; waterproof coverings for Ferro-concrete installations; nonflammable and heat-resistant paints & varnish coverings.


Grids for strengthening soil; tanks for storage and transportation of liquid chemical fertilizers and pesticides; material for hydroponics for cultivation of bacterial cultures, sprouts of plants, etc.

 Municipal services

Materials for cleaning installations; big pipes for water supply & sewage;

filters for air clearing & liquid environments, municipal drains, cleaning installations, etc.


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